April 22, 2021 2 min read

It's that time of year again - the class of 2020 unfortunately didn't get to have a senior prom or even graduation, but the class of 2021 is ready to change all of that, despite the still ongoing pandemic. The world as we know it has changed - forever, but luckily for this year's seniors, we've all learned how to make it work. Since prom is still on this year, your prom jewelry and prom dresses need to be epic! Bonafide Glam doesn't sell dresses, but we have the jewelry part locked down.

There are many types of personalities and characters in every graduation class and of course just as many prom dress styles. No matter your style, let's see how we can accessorize your look. Keep reading to see some of prom jewelry picks for the class of 2021. 

The Fashionista

She follows the trends and knows the ins and outs of fashion; however, she likes to slay her looks and knows just how to put it all together. These earrings are perfect for this Glam chic and can be paired with any style neckline 

Solarize Me Earrings  

Gradient Circles Earrings

  18k Plated Tennis Bracelet 

You can never have enough sparkle and this simple yet elegant tennis bracelet is the perfect arm candy to accompany your earring looks.

Miss Unapologetic - (Wears whatever she wants)

This is the girl who isn't afraid to take risks with her fashion choices - color and pattern blocking, avant-garde shoes, bags and accessories, she wears it all - unapologetically. She can wear a paper bag and make it look good and, she's not afraid of making a BOLD statement. Our picks:

 She's Royal Necklace

This piece pairs perfectly with a strapless gown or off the shoulder looks

 Starburst Earrings 

Who needs regular earrings when you can step in and be fabulous!! These big, bold starburst earrings will direct all kind of attention your way sis!

 Rhinestone Tassel Earrings 

Glitz & glamour, this right here - she is it! Big sparkle energy in this gorgeous statement earring. The gold and silver can be matched with any outfit choice. 

The Minimalist

This is the girl that likes to be cute but naturally so. No full face of makeup or extravagant jewelry for this chick. But no worries, even though Bonafide Glam is about bold pieces, there is something even she can rock with.

 4 Heart Dangle Earrings 

Simplistic and sparkly for a little splash of prom jewelry glam.

 18k Plated Cherry Bling Choker 

Wear it as a single piece or doubled like in the pic, this sparkly, tennis choker is perfect for adding big sparkle without too much fuss.

 House of Cards Studs - Hearts

Again, simplicity with huge sparkle and a lot of Glam.

So whether you're the fashionista, bold and daring kind or even the minimalist, if you're looking for gorgeous prom jewelry, this is your last stop! Bonafide Glam has many selections and collections to choose from. Click any of the links above to browse our selections and while you’re here, don't forget to check out our beauty collection - because in addition to a dress and jewelry, a gorgeous face is a must! Congrats to all of you graduates!!! 

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