August 21, 2022 3 min read

Hey hey hey beautiful people! Is it just me or does it seem like everyone is getting engaged and married these days? Like weddings, from what I've seen, are at an all time high. I mean congrats to all the 2022 brides and brides to be, but while you're out scouring through to find that perfect GLAM accessory to add the final sparkle to an amazing dress, check out some of our glamorous offerings below.

Bonafide Glam is known for bringing big sparkle energy, and as a GLAM bride, sparkle and glitz is the name of the game - and we've got you covered. Here are some of our most sparkly and glitzy picks. Choose one piece or pair them up, either way, your entrance will be grande

Arm Candy


Levels to This Crystal Bracelet

🚨 Big sparkle alert 🚨 This bracelet is stainless steel and covered in Austrian crystal beads & accents. Wear this alone for a bonafide statement piece or pair with simple rings or some equally sparkly earrings.

Statement Earrings

Wildflower Rhinestone Earrings 

GLAM, sparkle, beauty, statement! These wildflower earrings have a whole lot of sparkle and are comfy enough to wear from walking down the aisle to the very last dance at the reception.

Shonelle Earrings(2 colors available)

Big sparkle, not heavy and definitely giving GLAM bride vibes. These earrings sparkle so much in light that every wedding video will show you gleaming with joy and GLAM 😉  

Sasha Chandelier Earrings 

Ok so these beauties are for the bride that is serious about her GLAM. If you're not a real GLAM girl and not ready to look like you're walking the red carpet, then this Glam bride option is not for you. But if you can wear these chandelier earrings, your look will be near perfection.


Iced Petals Earrings 

Chic elegance mixed with GLAM and statement style, these Iced Petals are perfect for the GLAM bride or the bride simply looking for added sparkle on the big day. 


Filigree Floral Headpiece 

This lightweight yet gorgeous rhinestone headpiece is ideal for the GLAM bride. Accentuate any hairstyle with this addition which is sure to complement you entire look all day long. (available 8/23) 


bridal crystal hair comb

So Chic Crystal Hair Comb

Big style, big sparkle yet easy to apply and guaranteed to be stunning. This hair comb features a floral motif covered in crystals for added GLAM. 

Pairings - We Recommend


This pairing is perfect for good, statement (but not over the top sparkle).  Iced Petals Earrings & Levels to This Rhinestone Bracelet

Pairing 2


Our headpiece pairs perfectly with any of our above earring suggestions. However, we personally like this pairing in addition to pairing with our Solstice Studded Earrings (below)

Pairing 3


Glam bride special! This sparkly headpiece pairs well with a more simplistic yet full sparkle & glammed out pair of earrings. This pairing can even be accentuated with our Levels to This Crystal Stretch Bracelet. No other jewelry needed with this setup.


So there you have it, Bonafide Glam has the perfect selection of pieces to accessorize the GLAM bride on her big day. Whether it's for walking down the aisle or simply turning heads at the engagement party or bridal shower, these pieces are guaranteed to keep the compliments coming in. 

Click any of the links above to be taken to your preferred piece and get accessories with the level of sparkle that your GLAMness needs to shine through. Pictures last for a lifetime, make sure that yours speak volumes about the classy, stylish and glam bride that you are.  

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