June 17, 2021 2 min read

2021 has been one heck of a year....even though it pales in comparison to 2020, things are still struggling to level out. However, there has been a slew of graduations for students from various education levels that are heading to their next level of abundance and excellence. For closing one chapter and embarking on another, we have an awesome gift for grads that can help inspire another level of greatness - for all the future boss babes!

Gifts for graduates

 Boss Babe Bangles Set

So first of all, who is a Boss Babe? A Boss Babe is a woman that knows what she wants, goes after it fearlessly and looks good doing it! She is also a woman that makes her own money, minds her own business and creates trends instead of following them. I don't know about you, but THAT is what I aspire to become more of daily. THAT is what I always encourage women to do and make of themselves. 

There is no better time to encourage a young girl or young woman to boss up and live on purpose than when she graduates and is looking/wondering about the next step. It can be a scary time for anyone going into a whole new world, but these Boss Babe Bangles are a momento - a reminder to always dream big and work hard to achieve those dreams. And I don't know any parent, big brother/sister or even teacher who wouldn't want to instill this message in someone they care about.

Our Boss Babe Bangles make a great gift for graduates for this reason - each bangle has a saying or a quote that when worn can remind the wearer to never give up and pursue greatness daily. There are 5 sayings in total:

- Create the Life You Dream About

- Concieve It! Believe It! Achieve It!

- Hustle & Heart

- Fearless & Flawless

- Future Millionaire

Each bangle is like a coach, a mentor, a parent, encouraging the wearer to stay focused because Future millionaire is the goal 😉. It's like a personal coach challenging you every single day to create the life of your dreams and reminding you that if you work and put your heart into it, you WILL achieve it.

These bangles come in sets of 3, 5 and 10. Each is made from stainless steel (so they won't turn colors) and plated in 18k yellow or rose gold for even more shine and durability. What a great way to gift your graduate with something that can last them for years - well into college, the workforce or even as they build a business. Each set comes with a list of affirmations that can help amplify the effects of the quotes - positive words of encouragement in full effect.

Click the link below to view these bangles in full and to purchase a set for your fave grad. Every customer so far has loved them, and I'm sure that your future Boss Babe will be no different (and they will love you for giving it to them). 

Boss Babe Bangles Set

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