October 23, 2021 2 min read

It's that time of year again - fall season yes, but it's also costume season! It's Halloween and I know there are some of you that may still not know what in the world you're going to wear. And for those that have an idea in mind or costume in hand, how about you take those looks to another level with GLAM jewelry & accessories - make your look memorable. Below I share some jewelry ideas & how you can use key pieces to add an extra touch of awesome to your costumes.

Big Statement Earrings

Big statement earrings can really add some fire and originality to your costumes. When there are 5 Poison Ivy costumes at the party, pairing your look with a big, gorgeous pair of earrings can set you apart from the others. The best thing about it too, statement earrings can go with practically ANY costume choice - I mean unless you plan to dress up as Charlie Chaplin or something. 


Big Statement Necklaces

Again, you can take your Halloween costume ideas to a whole 'nother level with a gorgeous statement necklace. Especially if opting to go the route of the sexy costume - flappers, Jessica rabbit, Betty Boop, sexy super hero etc, necklaces can set you apart from the rest. You can get a necklace that compliments your costume, or simply go the GLAM route - no wrong answers here.


Arm Candy

Rack em up and stack em up! Fun, bold, beaded, eccentric - whatever you choose, wear one or wear them up to your elbow. Bangles and bracelets add an air of interest to costumes and depending on your look, they can add that much needed detail to bring about a more authentic look. Think about costumes like Wonder Woman, Xena, Egyptian Princess - these strong, female characters are known for their arm jewelry and bold cuff bracelets. If you put on these costumes without the gold cuffs, you're definitely gonna have an incomplete look.


Other Accessories

These other accessories are things like body chains, anklets and feet jewelry, big rings and my fave, ornate face masks. The paper mask era is for ages 12 and under. If you are all the way grown, investing in a statement, durable, sparkly and/or standout mask is definitely a must. At Bonafide Glam Statement Accessories, we have just that, statement face and eye masks (limited quantities) to make your costumes pop! Why settle for ordinary when you can be FABulous?


So while you're doing your last minute shopping, whether for costumes or accessories, don't forget to visit Bonafide Glam to grab a statement piece that will set you apart from all the other regular, schmegular girls - make a BOLD statement!

What are some of your fave costume looks and accessories for Halloween? Comment below  

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