October 27, 2022 3 min read

Fall is here! This is such an awesome time of year, from the almost perfect weather (not too hot and a little cooler), to the gorgeous color-changing leaves to the pumpkin spice everything and of course fall fashion. Bring on the berets, scarves, trench coats, boots & cardigans, and while you're at it, don't forget the accessories - of course!

With the changing weather comes a change in the style seasons, but not to worry, we have the rundown of all the ins and outs of this season. From florals to bright colors, keep reading to see what trends are taking over this fall.

Floral Details 

Flower power is definitely on trend. Floral motifs are showing up in earrings, on necklaces, rings and even on bangles and brooches. Whether you choose metallic, covered in stones or brightly colored, add some florals to your fall looks this season.

Gold Moroccan Belt

Wildflower Rhinestone Earrings

Jeweled Floral Earrings

The Charmed Life

Charms are in again. Personally, I don't think they ever went out of style, but they're back again and on trend for the fall. Charm necklaces, bracelets or even earrings are a great way to display your personal style, hobbies or simply wear your bucket list on your jewelry. Gold, silver or colors, it all works with your fall fashion looks.

Oversized Necklaces 

Chain links especially are back for the fall. Statement necklaces overall are in for fall 2022 and we are her for ALL of it! 

Black Elegance Necklace  

Colorful, Statement, Fun Pieces

Add some color to your life with bright, colorful jewelry & accessories. Our Lighting Bolt Earrings help you do just that. Resin and plastic are not to be overlooked this season either - the bolder and brighter - the better! 


Neon Lightning Bolt Earrings 

Too FAB Earrings 

Stacked Bracelets & Bangles

Whether they're fun colors, shapes or simply metallic, an arm full of stacked bangles and bracelets (especially the chunky variety) are on trend this Fall. And let me tell you when it comes to arm candy, Bonafide Glam has got it covered, starting with our Boss Babe Bangles. Here, more is definitely more - wrist to elbow os not out of the question.

Boss Babe Bangles Set

Solstice Leather Cuff (available in 3 color styles)

Mixed Metals

It used to be that mixed metals were a no-no. If you're wearing gold then all gold everything - well not anymore. This fall, as seen on major runway shows, mixed metals were making a bonafide statement! Gold, silver, rose gold, gunmetal - wear one or wear them all, you'll be trendsetting either way,

Big Cocktail Style/Statement Rings

Rings never go out of style, but this fall we're incorporating the big, statement look on our fingers. Again, wear one or a few, you can do no wrong here.

Hibiscus Cocktail Ring

True Blue Sapphire Ring

Let your statement style shine through this fall. These jewelry categories are meant to be a guide, to steer you along on how to accessorize your fall looks and take them to another level. Whether you incorporate one of these style trends or wear all of them at some point, be sure to let YOUR individuality shine through - wear the jewelry, don't let the jewelry wear you. And as always, remember when you step out to - Make a BOLD statement!

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